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To Kindle or Not To Kindle

I absolutely love reading. I've touched on it before (such as in my To Be Read List post) but I find comfort in the fact that no matter how bad your day has been, you can always lose yourself in a good book. Life in fiction land seems so much easier! I have always been… Continue reading To Kindle or Not To Kindle

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How To: Bunting Birthday Card

It's coming up to the time of year where a lot of my friends and family have their birthdays so I thought I would share another homemade birthday card with you all this week. As always it's a pretty simple one, made with only a few things one afternoon - I really need to get… Continue reading How To: Bunting Birthday Card

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Me Made May: A Fail!

So the end of May has happened, and Me Made May is officially over for another year. Since I made a post outlining my sewing goals for the month, I thought I should own up and admit that I have failed on most of them! As always seems to happen, life has definitely got in… Continue reading Me Made May: A Fail!

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And Relax…

Another short blog post this week I'm afraid as I haven't been organised and got anything scheduled! I realise this has happened quite a few times in the last couple of months, but my work has been really intense lately and I've not really wanted to do anything in the evenings. But, I now have… Continue reading And Relax…

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My Go To Interview Outfits

I've been lucky enough not to have had to go to many job interviews, but each time I have struggled to know what to wear. Obviously you need to look smart and formal, but just how formal do you go? Some interviews I've been to have made it clear beforehand that it is more of… Continue reading My Go To Interview Outfits

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Storytime: That time I (probably) got heatstroke

The day in question started off fine, better than fine even. We were on holiday and had decided to go on a boat trip to a secluded beach with crystal clear blue seas, pure white sand, and a massive rusting shipwreck slap bang in the middle of it. Maybe not everyone's idea of a relaxing… Continue reading Storytime: That time I (probably) got heatstroke

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Me Made May: My Goals

If you've been reading my blog for a little while, you'll know that I'm trying to teach myself to sew in my spare time. (Spare time?! Ha!) I'm absolutely loving it as it's another way to be creative which I really need as if I'm not making anything I feel like I'm going a bit… Continue reading Me Made May: My Goals